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Thanks for visiting our website. 2 Point Op LLC is a web design firm. What that means is that you have the opportunity to commission the services of a small group of people to create something special for you and your audience. Our service rate starts at $85.00 per hour depending on which services you request. We are here to be successful in our career paths, so the motivation to keep you are satisfied is there. Keep scrolling down this page to learn a bit more.

Our basic web design package is actually more complicated than it sounds. We offer up to six web pages with responsive, 960, desktop, and mobile website design with limited page heights, search engine optimization, links, a navigation bar, photo placement (no galleries), up to three digital proof designs. You are getting your money's worth in this package. This is ideal for smaller businesses wanting to create an online brochure type of website to inform its audience.
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The icing on the cake. The classic jukebox in a tavern. These additional features added on to your website raises the level of entertainment your audience may have with your website. With enhanced web design, you can add HTML 5 animation, embedded audio, embedded video, photo galleries, and more.
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"Good design adds value faster than it adds cost." - Thomas C. Gale
PHP, ASP, C++, SQL, MySQL. A few backend programming languages. These are the lines of code to generate full interaction with your audience. If your website needs any of the following, this is the service to commission from us.
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